Outdoor Summer BBQ Cleaning Made Easy

#sponsored Find the easy way to make BBQ night a fast and simple clean up
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Summer is the best time to get together with family and have a great time. BBQs are a staple for a lot of families during the summer, but sometimes a huge mess follows.

Deposable Dishes
I don’t usually like using a lot of disposable products but when there is a large gathering. Paper plates and cups are the way to go. It saves on messes.

Bring your own trash can
If you decide to BBQ somewhere else besides home, bringing a popup trash can is so handy and gives you less of a mess to clean up later. If you have a designated trash can, people are more likely to throw away their trash rather than having it lying around everywhere. A great idea is to use a pop up hamper with trash bags inside, as makeshift trash cans for a fast and space saving trash can solution.

Grilling pads

If you dislike food getting in between the grates while you are grilling, a grilling pad could be your perfect solution. It keeps everything together and cooks evenly.

Paper Towels
Paper towels are perfect for cleaning and for using as napkins. Viva paper towels remind you of cloth in durability and softness. I have really come to like Viva paper towels for all my cleaning around the house and for a BBQs. Viva gives me the tough durability I need for my family.

Clorox is hard to beat when you are needing to get everything clean. Now that they have Clorox spray bottles it makes it so much easier to get the power of Clorox for a BBQ. Picnic tables, spilled mustard or ketchup, and leaking hamburger packages isn’t fun to clean up. So, Clorox is one of the best ways to get your area clean and ready to start eating. Spend more time with family and not cleaning.

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