Keeping Your Baby “Asleep” Through The Night

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Nights are long for a new mommy and daddy.
Sleep is a hard thing to manage with a newborn.
Here are a couple of tips that I have seen that
works to help keep your baby “asleep” through the night.

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Keeping Your Baby “Asleep” Through The Night



Luckyknitter / Pixabay
Luckyknitter / Pixabay

I can’t tell you enough, how much I love swaddling my babies.
Swaddling helps make sure your baby doesn’t startle
themselves when they are sleeping and it gives them the
comfort and security they want. So, this really is on
the top of the list for me to help baby sleep through the night.
I either use a swaddle wrap or a swaddle blanket.




Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

Your baby may be accustomed to noise or quite when
they are asleep. If they like noise then put on
some soft
music or a white noise machine.
If your baby likes quiet, try to close a door
to the room they are in, while you have a baby
monitor to listen for them.
You also might have a baby that is oblivious
to noise or quiet and sleeps through anything.

For both my babies, they liked
absolute quite when they slept or they would wake up
when they otherwise wouldn’t have. My little guy would
wake up in his bassinet when hearing my husband and
I turn over in our sleep, It was definitely a tiring
couple of weeks before I ended up transferring him in
his own room. He slept better because he couldn’t hear
us but I could still hear him when he needed me.


 A low soft light

twaita2012 / Pixabay
twaita2012 / Pixabay

Try not to have bright lights that will wake
your baby up in the middle of the night. A nightlight
or a cracked door with the light shining through will
give you enough light to see what you are doing and dim
enough for baby to stay sleepy. Just a little bit of bright
light in a sleepy baby’s eyes, can keep them and you up
for longer than you are wanting.


Feeding baby.

Fanette / Pixabay

I suggest you try to not wait to feed your
baby till they are already crying. A lot of
times babies will stir a little and wiggle before
they start crying because they are hungry. Listen
and look for your babies hunger cues so you can feed
them before they are fully awake. When you hear
them starting to wake up, feed them. I know
you are tired mommy but try not to fall asleep
while feeding baby. Put little one back in their
crib/bassinet after they are done eating.


Changing Babies diapers

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Getting your baby to not wake up as a newborn while
changing their diapers can be hard. One of my
midwives actually gave me this tip, if you do not have
a wipes warmer. Put the baby wipe
in your hand or bra first while you are getting their diaper
and taking their bottom part of their clothes off. This way,
by the time you are ready to change baby’s diaper, it is warm
enough to not startle them as much. For pajamas I suggest
using ones that have an open bottom,
buttons on the bottom, or  a zipper that ends at the bottom.
Pajamas that open up from the bottom make it easier for not
moving your baby around too much and it doesn’t get them as
cold. If you are swaddling all you have to do is take the
bottom part of the blanket or wrap down so you don’t have
to completely unwrap them.


(optional) Feed Baby Again

renesansyork / Pixabay

If your baby did wake up just a little bit then try to feed
them once again and hold them a little to calm and
comfort them to sleep again

Sweet Dreams Mommy and Baby!



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