Easing Nausea While Pregnant

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Pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful thing but morning sickness can make it a little difficult. Some moms experience “afternoon sickness”, “evening sickness”, or even ” all day sickness”. Every pregnancy may bring different symptoms or aversions at different times.

There are quite a few options to help ease or eliminate your morning sickness. Don’t give up mamma! Morning sickness is only for a short time ( Remember? It usually is gone at least by 16 weeks! :) and is totally worth going through for that little love that is growing in your tummy.

A lot of times, morning sickness is your body’s way of telling you what you need for your body and for your baby. So…don’t ever forget, listen to your body!

Big News!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed I haven’t been posting as frequently. Well… there has been quite a bit going on lately and that includes another little one on the way!

With another little one also means morning sickness and nausea for this mommy, during the first trimester. After having four pregnancies, I have found what helps me the most and with the helpful advice from other moms as well.

Here are some of my favorite ways to keep nausea at bay.

Easing Nausea While Pregnant

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Resting is very important during pregnancy but being active and having a regular exercise or walking routine is just as important. Nausea can really be decreased with consistent exercise.

I can always tell a difference when I do and don’t exercise. It gives me the energy and stamina I need to maintain, through my pregnancy.

Remember, if you aren’t usually an active person, this isn’t the time to train like you would for a marathon. Maybe something as simple, as going out for a walk after dinner is all you need. Always listen to your body and only do what you are comfortable doing.


Take a Breath Of Fresh Air

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Being cooped up inside and stationary can make you not feel so well. Getting up, walking around, keeping cool, and getting some fresh air, can be all that is needed to take some of your morning sickness away.


Acupuncture Or Acupressure

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If you don’t want to spend the time and money for an acupressure/acupuncturist, there is one little secret all moms should know about. Sea Bands are a popular company but many new moms have never heard of them. To put it simply, Sea Bands are small bracelets that put pressure at just the right points on your wrists to help ease your nausea while wearing them. Have you ever tried easing a headache or clearing your sinuses by using pressure points on your head? It is just the same but not having to have your focus and time to spend pressing on those pressure points. They give great relief for kids, pregnant mommies, and adults that get motion sickness or nausea. I had not used them until this pregnancy and was sorry I had not tried it sooner.

I have never personally tried a professional acupressure/acupuncturist. However, I have heard many other moms that have tried it and found that it is a great relief for nausea.

Stay Hydrated

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Throughout pregnancy, having enough water is so crucial to helping you feel better, giving your baby the nutrition they need, and for both of you to stay hydrated. Lack of water can cause nausea and this is one of the first steps in helping you. Especially if you are throwing up, you need to keep your body hydrated. I know it’s hard mommy but it is so important for you and the development of your little one. Remember, it is recommended to drink at least have half of your body weight in water. Try to always keep a water bottle on hand and keep track of how many ounces you are drinking in a day. There are also diffuser water bottles that you can use, to add some other anti-nausea helpers like mint, lemon, or lime.


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Smelling mint can sometimes help relieve morning sickness symptoms! Ways to take it, is by drinking some mint tea, adding fresh mint leaves to your water or chewing mint gum of your choice. Mint gum is perfect for when you are out of your home or being plain busy but needing something to quickly help ease your nausea.


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Ginger has long been used for helping to ease a troubled stomach. Ginger tea, ginger slices, ginger cookies, ginger beer (not the alcoholic beer ;)  ginger gum, or ginger candy are all ways to have ginger.

Eating lighter, more frequent healthy meals throughout the day

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Eating lighter and more frequent meals is one of the key things that have helped me with nausea. Larger meals can make you full but not feeling so great later. Eat healthier meals throughout the day. I love making little snack bags for myself to put in the fridge or pantry for when I am hungry. Grapes, cheese slices, apple slices with peanut butter, carrots and hummus are all great choices for snacks in between your meals. ( It’s great practice for when your little one(s) grow up and need snacks of their own.)

Foods that may increase your nausea, could be fried, spicy, or salty foods.


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Protein is probably one of my favorite ways to lessen nausea. Pregnant women are recommended to have around 75 to 100 grams of protein per day. Take a look at how much protein you consume in a day and you may be surprised at how much you aren’t meeting the recommended amount. ( I know I sure wasn’t!) You may not think it will make a difference but it really does, especially for those that experience a lot of fatigue from their 1st trimester.

Beef, chicken, fish, quinoa, beans, chicken or beef broth, lentils, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and almonds are all great food sources of protein.

Try to aim for protein in each meal and snack that you have.


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Many mothers, midwives, and myself have found that magnesium helped a lot during pregnancy. Magnesium has been shown to help with pregnancy symptoms of leg cramps, nausea, headaches, and constipation. There are supplements and topical sprays to take your daily magnesium.

You may only think of bananas as having magnesium in it as a food source but there are many others.

Some other food sources include :

– Spinach

– Chard

– Yogurt


Black beans


monicore / Pixabay

Smell can increase nausea dramatically. You may find that strong or unusual smells may increase your nausea. By keeping a fan near you, staying away from nauseous smells , and using aromatherapy may help. A diffuser ,roll on aromatherapy , and aromatherapy necklaces all are great ways to help decrease your nausea from unpleasant smells around you.

Essential Oils that are best for diffusing while pregnant, for nausea :


Feel better mama and I hope that this helps you on your way to easing nausea while pregnant. Enjoy your pregnancy without the unpleasantness of nausea.

**I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I am just a mommy that has found what works for her and wants to share her experiences to help other mothers. Please consult a medical professional before using this advice**

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