$7 Mirror Makeover

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When we first bought our house, I noticed that the mirror had dark ugly edges all around our bathroom mirror. After almost three years of living in our house I was tired of looking at the ugly edges and wanted to finally do something about it. Getting a completely new mirror seemed like a waste to me. So, I had looked around at a lot of ideas and found that they were either too expensive or required skills, that I did not have. Then I came up with a plan, that I had dearly hoped that would work.


  1. A Border that was budget friendly
  2. Required few tools and supplies
  3. Looked nice and would last after installing

This project cost me about $7 for a 3’x3′ mirror but may be less for you depending on if you already have some of the supplies. It also may be a little more if your mirror is a larger size and needing more planks.

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$7 Mirror Makeover

Peel and stick planks can be found in the flooring section of larger home improvement stores; for about $1 or more a piece. Mounting tape is about $4.50.

I could see this mirror makeover working for those that rent and don’t want to spend too much on their mirror but would like to add a personal touch to their home. If you are renting I suggest you use the indoor mounting tape to easily remove the planks for when you move or want to change looks.

Say good-bye dark spots and boring mirror.


$7 Mirror Makeover






  1. Measure the height and width of your mirror and buy all supplies needed.

  2. The wood planks I bought were 3 feet by 6 inches. Originally, I bought 4 planks total but found that I only used three.  I could have only used two planks, if I hadn’t made a mistake in cutting one of them wrong. dsc01500

  3. I thought that they were too wide so I cut each one in half, to give a three inch border.Throughout this whole process, cut very carefully and precisely or you will end up having gaps where the laminate connects. Having a nice pair of sharp heavy duty scissors will do the job just fine.dsc01501

  4. Cut the edges of the laminate planks at a 45 degree angle. This gives the picture frame effect for your mirror. Make sure that the longest point at each end is the side were you cut and the shortest is the original manufacturers cut. If you do it this way, the inside frame of the mirror will have the straightest cut and the outside edges will be the ones that you cut. Any small mistakes won’t be noticed.1103162224

  5. You can now take the peel and stick backing off of the planks and place on your mirror to make sure all angles and cuts are accurate. (If not, that is why I suggest the extra plank.) Now see how nice it looks!

  6. The peel and stick is not strong enough to stay on the mirror by itself.( If yours is, Great! You’re all done!) I used mounting tape to keep my planks in place. I placed a 2 1/2 inch strip about every 4 inches, on the back of each plank.                 Note: Try to put the plank on right the first time or it will end up falling down on you later because the adhesive was worn off.If it does end up falling on you, just use some super glue on the mounting tape facing the plank.(Not on the mirror side of the mounting tape)

  • Place planks on your mirror like a picture frame and enjoy your mirror’s makeover!2016-11-05_13-55-26

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