3 Fun Ways To Get Your Toddler Ready For Your New Baby?

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A mommy having a new baby is something that a toddler might not understand or comprehend just yet. Even though I knew that my little girl wouldn’t understand, I wanted to find a couple of fun ways to help her get used to the idea of our new baby.

P.S – My little girl was in love with her new baby brother at first sight. 🙂


1. Baby Doll

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Giving your toddler their own baby doll is a great start on helping them to understand how to be gentle and care for the baby. Play with your toddler and make it fun! 🙂

Get a blanket and show them how to cover or swaddle them. Make sure to stress that you don’t put the blanket on the baby’s face.

Give them one diaper and a wet wipe to play with. Mark the diaper and wipe in some way to show your little one that it is theirs. This will also help when your new baby is born, so they can distinguish between the babies diapers and their baby dolls diaper.

Practice being quiet by pretending that the baby is sleeping and put the baby doll in their bed.

Maybe pretend that the doll is crying and say, ” hush hush “, make shushing noises, or sing to the baby doll while rocking the baby gently in your arms.

If you see at any time that your toddler is being rough or too aggressive with the doll, take it away and show them again how to behave with their baby doll again.Say words like, “gentle, be nice, and careful.”

Doing this will help them to be good to their toys and help them to learn a little bit of what you will be doing when the baby comes.

2. Show A Gentle Touch And Affection

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With a growing belly comes stretch marks and dry skin. Whenever I would put lotion on my belly, I would give Lyla a little bit of lotion to “help” put lotion “on the baby. If I noticed her being a little too rough, I would take her hand and show her how to touch my tummy gently. She loved feeling Blake move when she would put the lotion on sometimes.

When giving your toddler kisses and hugs goodnight, remind them to give the baby hugs and kisses goodnight too. 🙂

Doing these two things will help your little one see that there really is something going on in your tummy, that needs to be taken care of and how to have a gentle touch.

3. Read Children’s Stories 

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Find stories that include the characters expecting a baby brother or sister. This makes it fun for your toddler to see someone else just like them having a new baby sibling. It is going to be harder to read to your toddler when your new baby arrives. A baby in one arm, a book in another, and your toddler beside you can be a little tricky sometimes. So, enjoy the time spent reading with your toddler before your new little one arrives.

Lyla’s favorite book to read about an expected baby is, “Arthur’s Baby ” by Author, Mark Brown.

                       One of My Toddlers Reactions To Our New Little Guy

The first morning after Blake was born, Lyla came into our room crying after she woke up. To this day, I don’t know why she was even crying but the instant she saw Blake, she stopped, looked at him ,and squealed , “BABY!” with the biggest smile on her face. She still had the tears on her face but she didn’t even remember what had made her cry in the first place.

Let me know in the comments below how you introduced your toddler to your baby and what their reaction was after they saw him/her. I hope these suggestions help with the new transition of another precious little one into your home. Let me know what other fun ways you helped your toddler get ready for your new baby.

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